Episode 17

“There’s a sort of tendency to think, well, men could look after themselves if it comes to it. that’s where we see what are mainly accidents happening because people are in a very vulnerable state. They are impaired and they sort of end up in it on route’s home that pose a real danger.”

Kevin Metcalf


We all use open source intelligence when online but do we understand how easy it is to find people? Kevin Metcalf explains to us the amount of information is available online and how he uses it to help law enforcement finding missing persons.


Kevin Metcalf

Kevin Metcalf is a former federal agent turned prosecutor and founder of the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF). The NCPTF brings together experts in legal strategy, OSINT, geospatial mapping and analysis, dark web, cryptocurrency, image geolocation and analysis, and more to aid law enforcement agencies worldwide on cases involving missing, exploited, and trafficked children. Kevin has assisted with the recovery of countless missing and exploited children and the identification and apprehension of sexual predators in multiple countries. He is considered an international leader in innovative approaches to synthesizing legal, closed, and open-source intelligence to support missing person recovery, child exploitation, and counter-human trafficking cases worldwide. 


  1. National Child Protection Task Force