Welcome to the Missing Persons Uncovered Podcast.

This series of episodes gets beneath the surface of an emergency nations are facing across the world. Every year 155,000 people go missing in the UK alone. What does it mean to go missing? Why do some people make the choice to disappear? And how can we protect our vulnerable loved ones better?
Caroline Humer and Karen Shalev Greene set out to hear first-hand experiences of those who have experienced missing persons cases, seeking the people behind the statistics. Listen in on revealing conversations with professionals and practitioners who are working to challenge myths and raise awareness around this much misunderstood social and personal issue.
Combining Caroline’s 20 years of experience working as a child protection expert with Karen’s 14-year academic mission to understand the world of missing persons and their protection, the team invites you to join them in sharing knowledge on how we can protect society’s most vulnerable people. 

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Season 2 – Episodes

A new episode will be released bi-weekly

1. How abductions are treated in South America ft. Leticia Risco

In this first episode of season 2, Caroline talks to Leticia Risco who shares her vast experience dealing with different types of abductions in Argentina and South America. She highlights how many abductions include a component of violence and abuse. The need for better collaboration between professionals so as to protect the most vulernable. 

Available from April 12th, 2023

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