Episode 16

“Families can advocate for themselves by, going to their law enforcement agency that’s handling the case. And saying, I wanna submit, I wanna provide , if my loved one is found, there is someone in the database who’s closely related to make a match.”

Kelly Harkins Kincaid


In this episode Kelly Harkins Kincaid explain how far we have come in using geneology in identifying long term missing persons cases. She also explains the limitations and different types of DNA markers being used.


Kelly Harkins Kincaid

Kelly Harkins Kincaid, CEO of Claret Bioscience and Astrea Forensics. Kelly has BA, MA, and PhD degrees in anthropology and as the PI and CEO, she is involved with the design, validation, and commercialization of NGS tools, whether for application in research and the clinic (ClaretBio), or in law enforcement contexts (Astrea Forensics).


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