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Episode 1

“Every year the equevilant of New York City citzens are reported missing globally”

Caroline Humer and Karen Shalev Greene


What does it mean to go missing? And why do approximately 8 million people disappear every year around the world?

In the first episode of the series, meet Caroline and Karen. Their passion for protecting vulnerable people and getting into the minds of individuals who either choose or do not choose to disappear has led them on a journey of discovery. Find out how they’ve been moved to dedicate their working lives to helping society understand issues around missing persons, and get to grips with the often misunderstood world of people who disappear.

Karen and Caroline unpack what sort of person goes missing – you may be surprised to find out that those you love could be at risk. They ask whether, for someone to be missing, they need to first be missed, and explore what this means for relationships and responsibilities, and how many people are impacted by one person going missing.

Plus Karen shares her personal motivation for seeking to understand the issue better, after the disappearance of her father during the Yom Kippur war, and latterly as a result of trauma.


Caroline Humer
Karen Shalev Greene


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