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Episode 9

“Often a person being found or coming back is seen as the end of the story when we know it really isn’t. And we know, that around half of all episodes of someone going missing that were reported to the police are for someone that’s already been missing before.”

Susannah Drury


In the final episode of this series, Karen speaks with Suzannah Drury of charity Missing People UK.

Often it can be seen as the end of the story when a missing person is returned, but that’s far from the truth as we find out. Suzannah explains how vital it is that returned persons and their loved ones are able to access the right support in order that they can reintegrate with life and move past the underlying issues that caused the missing episode.

She and Karen discuss how people are found, as well as the absence of after-support for adults, and pioneering schemes that could challenge this problem.

We want to you share knowledge and empowering conversations to help tackle the missing persons crisis.


Susannah Drury

Susannah joined Missing People in 2013. She leads the Policy and Partnership team, the Research and Impact team and the Business Development team. Together these teams aim to ensure that missing people and their families get the help they need from the charity, the police, government and other agencies.
Susannah is a member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Study of Missing Persons at the University of Portsmouth, a member of the Scottish Government’s National Working Group on missing people, and a member of the UK Expert Reference Group on missing people chaired by the National Policing Lead for Missing People.


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