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Episode 15

“There’s a sort of tendency to think, well, men could look after themselves if it comes to it. that’s where we see what are mainly accidents happening because people are in a very vulnerable state. They are impaired and they sort of end up in it on route’s home that pose a real danger.”

Geoff Newiss


In this episode Geoff Newiss shares his findings from his research on “Men missing on a night out”. He reviewed missing persons cases going missing while on a night out and discussed that many encounter water which may result in fatalities.


Geoff Newiss

Geoff is a specialist in the field of child abduction and missing persons, with experience working in central government, with the police, and in small to medium-sized charities. He is the Director of Action Against Abduction, a UK-based not-for-profit which undertakes research and develops policy and practice to keep children safe from abduction.

Geoff is a Lecturer in Policing at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. Most recently he has completed research to inform the development of search strategies for men who go missing on a night out, with a particular focus on those who are found deceased.

Geoff previously worked as a senior research officer at the UK Home Office, undertaking studies of missing person cases that result in homicide and the risk of fatality in missing person cases. He later served as the director of policy and research at the UK charity Missing People, leading a programme to examine the impact of going missing on family members left behind.


  1. Men missing on a night out
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