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Episode 13

“We all have stigmas that we try to avoid, but I engage in these early conversations. About dementia that it may progress. What can we do to make it safer in that you may get lost and let’s prepare for this.”

Lili Liu


How many people with dementia go missing? Karen talks to Professor Lili Liu about how people with dementia go missing and the risk they may face without even realizing it. Professor Lili Liu provides mechanisms on how a coomunity and family can prepare and help a person with demtia lead a relative regular life.


Lili Liu

Lili Liu is currently professor and dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo. She is a network investigator with AGE-WELL NCE. Her research team studies risks of older adults living with dementia and going missing, and ways data can inform policies, and technologies can mitigate the risks. Another research project validates a multi-featured mobile application to support workflow of health care aides who provide services to Albertans living with dementia.


  1. Alzheimer’s Disease International
  2. Around the Globe, Dementia Initiatives to Decrease Missing Persons Incidents
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