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About the Hosts

Caroline Humer

Caroline had dedicated two decades to protecting children. She has been building programmes and structures for countries around the world to protect their most vulnerable citizens – missing children. Caroline has been able to bring NGOs and law enforcement together to ensure a multidisciplinary response. Over the last 6 years while working at the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, she developed the largest AI platform to help search and identify missing children. Her vision has always been to educate and share her knowledge with others as she believes everyone has a role to play to protect children.

Karen Shalev

Professor in Missing Persons Studies

Karen Shalev is a professor in missing person studies and the leader of the missing persons research group (formerly known as the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons) at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her research for the past decade has focused on all aspects related to missing persons and she often collaborates with researchers and practitioners from the UK and internationally. Her vision is to develop missing persons as an established research area within social sciences and to share her learnings with anyone who is interested in this topic for the benefit of those who go missing and their loved ones.

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